Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our deepest condolence to veteran actress Kim Ja Ok

Just heard this sad news today about the Mrs. Kim Ja Ok has passed away. 
You can check about this news from here :

I just finished watching Yoon Eun Hye's drama " Coffee Prince " and Mrs. Kim was played a
s a kind & gentle mother of the male lead in this drama. She was so beautiful and so ladylike 
as a dream mother everyone want to have.

The reason we as Park Si Hoo's fan blog bring this news into your attention because for us, 
Park Si Hoo's fans she wasn't only a wellknown actress but she was Park Si Hoo's mother 
childhood friend too. They liked to hung out together like all girlfriends do.

Our condolence to Mrs. Kim Ja Ok 
Wriitten by Mei Park, thank you

Mama Park is a longtime childhood friend with Kim Ja Ok Ssi who has left us today sadly 
due to her long battle with lung cancer. The two ladies grew up together since their elementary 
school & shared alot of passion in singing & fashion during their younger days. Kim Ja Ok Ssi couldn't recognize Mama Park as the latter has grown into a beautiful mother of 2 boys, 
the elder one is top Hallyu Star Park Si Hoo and the younger one was one of the Korea 
National Hyundae Baseball Team player.

The 2 ladies were very close during their school days and often hang out with each other. 
Kim Ja Ok even complimented Mama Park was more beautiful now than she was before. 
Both ladies hugged each in tears after  almost decades of not meeting each other. This is a story 
about how precious a lifetime friendship is despite time and life has changed. We extend our 
deepest condolence to Kim Ja Ok Ssi & family for her passing. We will never forget all the 
motherly roles she has graced the TV screen for us all throughout her lifetime as a veteran actress 
of Korea Entertainment. 

~ May her soul rest in peace ~

The VDO below was a TV show that was on air in 2006 when Park Si Hoo just started 
his acting career in TV business and his latest drama during that time must be 
" Which planet you came from ? " 

This show was about inviting celebrities and their childhood friends to the show.  
And Kim Ja Ok was their guest that day, had to try to recognize all the ladies who came to 
the show one by one. That's why Mrs. Park was invited in this show. The first scene 
when Mrs. Park came out, She has mention to Mrs. Kim by asking her that 
she recognized her ? Mama Park & her liked to hang out together at their houses 
and she said now herself has a son who became an actor names " Park Si Hoo ".

Later on after Kim Ja Ok remembered Mrs. Park. Both of them bursted into tears 
after more than decades that they never met each other. 

It's a beautiful memory, indeed!

credit : lemon, thanks!

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