Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Sunday Favorite Pick : Park Sihoo, The True Heartthrob!!!

This part of the article about Park Si Hoo from our friend, Jade 
who is so far is the best person to describe about Park Si Hoo, thank you!

Park Sihoo, The True Heartthrob!!! 

He is not a guy to force his charisma upon the viewers.
He never steps the line from being discrete.
Instead of strong loud outward appearace, he opts to stay in the neutral
and goes for the discrete quiet charisma that lingers on for a very very long time.
His face and gestures never leave your thinking process and his pale face
along with his sheepish smile not to mention the sensual body language are
deeply engraved in people's minds like no other actor known before.

He is not confined to one specific genre or style.
Rather, he plays the field when it comes to his image and prefers to 
"go with the flow"
rather persisting with one particular style.
So clever and wise he is in this way which means that he is open to play
any challenging character and is able to transform his acting styles to
specifically fit the character and project that is given to him.

However, underneath this smooth and quiet demeanour, you can see a glimpse of
a man of steel, strength and determination whch is the true personality of Park Sihoo
that we know of and cherish.

He does not speak too many words.
He prefers to speak with his action.
Loyalty, faith, sincerity are the facets he looks for in a person.
This suave, sensual and discretely sexy photo of Park Sihoo is a culmination of
all that he symbolises and what he has been through.
I am confident this man will stay strong on top of everbody else 
even after a long long time and that is a triumph in itself!

Credit :, thank you!

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