Monday, November 10, 2014

Announcement : Our focus on " After Love "

Dear all Park Si Hoo's fans & our value readers!

Our exciting news can't be anything else more than his new movie 

" After Love "

As his fan blog that dedicate to our beloved actor and to support his work

So our blog....Son of Buyeo will need to adjust our focus a little bit 

The shooting already started. Our actor said...He is ready go..!^^

So as we!

From today in order to help promoting 
Movie " After Love "

Our Blog : Park Si Hoo...A Son Of Buyeo 
will upload everything that relate only to this movie 
and any new projects that may happen along the way 
such as his new advertise or magazine shooting 

We can't bring any old articles or interviews 
that we did sometimes for a while.
And other articles or news that have nothing to do with 
" After Love " 
will be uploaded & posted at our Thai/English blog instead.

* Special change for this Thai/English blog *

Our focus will be anything about Park Si Hoo but 

" After Love "

Only if some articles that need to be translated in Thai
 then it will be here as well! 
What you can expect in this blog ;
~ Creative pictures from our team or else where, 
~ Fun stories that we like to create by ourselves, 
~ And all miscellenous things that you have seen before.
~ We will post most of them in Bi-lingual as much as possible 
or it will be only English if we consider 
it's unneccesssary to translated!

Posting time for Thai/English blog

To be able to work better between 2 blogs. This blog will start upload our new post in the morning almost the same time
 with Buyeo blog at 9:00 am ( Korea time ) 
by starting at 6:00 am ( Thai time ) 
And if we have any news or article 
that we think it's interesting we will upload it 
anytime or in the evening as well!

If you already followed us through Twitter or Facebook 
then you won't see anything much different from this change 
because we will upload everything directly 
to our Twitter & Facebook as we always do everyday.

Please follow us through our own networks ;

Blog ...All about Park Si Hoo in Thai/English :

Thank you!

This change will effected immediately after you have read this post, thank you!

Please support " After Love " then you are supporting Park Si Hoo!

Thank you for understanding,

Park Si Hoo...Son of Buyeo
All about Park Si Hoo in Thai/English

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